About Us

The company iDelivery iSrl, which operates in the biotechnology sector, was established in 2013 and is one of the first companies enrolled in the register of innovative startups in the province of Reggio Calabria.
From 2020 it becomes Innovative SME enrolled in the register of innovative SMEs. 

From the end of 2013, it starts research and development activities in collaboration with research centers and universities that will lead in 2014 to the realization of an innovative "nanocarrier", for the delivery of active pharmaceuticals inside the hair follicle, which makes him get the second prize at Start Cup Calabria and access to the final of the final of the National Innovation Award 2014 where it is placed among the first four absolute finalists. Subsequently, the project will be patented and will take the name Bulbixin®.

In 2015, the company is selected to participate in some national and international acceleration pathways international such as: Unicredit Start Lab, JCube and Mercks Innovation Center. In the same period it provides consulting services to Italian players in the pharmaceutical sector and reinvests the proceeds to take over the exclusive management and development of an Italian patent that allows the use of an active natural active ingredient for the topical treatment of psoriasis plaques, which was given the name of Lenipsor+.

Also in 2015, he was awarded the innovation prize of the Reggio Calabria Chamber of Commerce for the Bulbixin® project. In the following years, the patent Lenipsor+®, has been extended in the USA, Europe, Japan and Canada, at a scientific level, in vitro and in vivo tests of the product have been carried out on humans on about +200 patients, obtaining results superior to direct competitors on the market.

From 2015 to 2017 iDelivery iSrl participated in several business missions supported by the agency ICE government agency and the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, in the countries: United States, England, Switzerland and Israel, where it has had the opportunity to come into contact with realities active in the biotechnology sector. In the same years iDelivery has created a new product using natural active ingredients, for the treatment of herpes currently in the patenting phase.

In October 2018 iDelivery iSrl receives the Lamarck Award, as a startup "ready for the market" and subsequently, in December, to Canada to present its projects to an investment fund investment fund and several local investor groups. In February 2019, it is selected to participate in the acceleration path UpIdea promoted by Confindustria Emilia Romagna.

In May 2019 a group of entrepreneurs invested in the company capital allowing to accelerate the scale up activities for the product Lenipsor+®.

In June 2019 it is the only startup from Calabria present at the "SMAU Berlin 2019", where it was able to present Lenipsor+® to the German market.

Also in 2019, she won the call for proposals of the Emilia Romagna Region, which includes an acceleration path promoted by the certified incubator InLab of Piacenza to access the health care market of the state Texas.

In 2019 participates in the project promoted by the Calabria Region in collaboration with the Chamber of Italian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland "Calabria Valley" and is selected among the interesting companies for the Swiss investors. In July it was selected to participate in the International Congress of Lausanne dedicated to scientific journalism to present the product Lenipsor+®.

In December 2019, it participates in the final of the XIII edition of the Best Practices Award. In 2020, he wins the selection at Invitalia "SPIN" call, which allows him to access a path of training and networking of ELITE Group - London Stock Exchange.

Between 2019 and 2020 it participates in the BHeroes acceleration program and is selected among the top 16 startups out of 500 Italian companies. In 2020 it is selected by Intesa San Paolo and BHeroes to participate in the Lounge program of ELITE (Group - London Stock Exchange).

At the moment the company is working on the definition of contracts with national and international distributors for the commercial launch of the line of products.