Separation of a broad range of different samples..

 The AF2000 platform is based on the Flow FFF principle, using a crossow eld as driving force for the separation. The samples which are aected by this eld are separated by their Dynamic Diusion on the basis of the molar mass or particle size. The AF2000 can be run with dierent eluents, at various temperature conditions and is able to employ various channel dimensions and principles. Therefore the AF2000 Multi- Flow can be easily used for separation of a broad range of dierent samples from the area of Biopharmaceuticals, Food-Agro-Cosmetics, Environmental, Chemicals and Nanotechnology. The MultiFlow FFF is ideal for the characterization of proteins, antibodies, aggregates, vaccines, liposomes, nanoparticles and natural or synthetic macromolecules. Because of its great exibility, the AF2000 MultiFlow FFF can be employed as a Universal Separator for many kind of analyte systems and is a secure investment also for new upcoming samples and future project demands.