Proteins and polymers structure: Viscotek GPCmax

 The Viscotek system consists of three components – the GPCmax integrated solvent and sample delivery module, the TDA 305 Triple Detector Array, and the OmniSEC software. The TDA 305 incorporates RI and, Light Scattering detectors, as well as a viscometer and UV detector. Both the integrated detectors and the chromatography columns are fully temperature controlled up to 80°C in an oven to ensure optimum detector stability. In addition, the detectors are connected in series to ensure maximum sensitivity in every solvent used. This innovative instrument provide to:
• Absolute molecular weight of small polymers, protein stability and protein aggregation using Right angle light scattering (RALS) calculation;
• Direct output of absolute molecular weight of polymers without extrapolation using Low angle light scattering (LALS)
• Protein and polymer structure (including branching) information using intrinsic viscosity detector
• Molecular size in terms of hydrodynamic diameter (Rh) and the radius of gyration (Rg)
• Copolymer composition using photo-diode array UV detector

All this data are useful in various sector as pharmaceutic, cosmetic, plastics & polymer evaluation. In particular,
in pharmaceutical eld Viscotek technology is useful for therapeutic protein characterization and puri-
cation, for identify structural changes or ramication (crosslinking), for polymer studies in solution and for
polymerization reactions. However, polymers and polymers conjugates are useful in cosmetology and
cosmeceutics, elds of great interest, for which polymers, lipid conjugate, co-polymers and branched
polymers are the basis of future and present new innovative formulations.