Rehological measurement to evaluate and improve...

Kinexus is a rotational rheometer system that applies controlled shear deformation to a sample under test, to enable measurement of ow properties (such as shear viscosity from ow tests) and dynamic material properties (such viscoelastic modulus and phase angle from oscillation tests).
The Kinexus lab+ is designed to withstand the rigors of a busy Quality Control laboratory, to provide robust and reliable rheological test capabilities. The rSpace software enables Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) driven rheological testing for test protocols that can be used company wide. In particular, application of Kinexus results very interesting in the context of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. For example, we use the rheometer to analyze rheological characteristics (ow, deformation, spreadability, elasticity) of pharmaceutical gels based on Hyaluronic Acid, or cleansing gel, cosmetic creams, or again to analyze the ow properties of honey, mayonnaise, marmalade. Moreover it is interesting to study how compound changes its rheological properties after the spill from the tube or from the syringe; as well as its stability at controlled temperature.